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Black Ring Coffee


Trevor Moisen and Juliette Simpkins opened their shop in summer 2017 after noticing that Starbucks and other coffee shop chains had not yet invaded the area (In the last few years, Starbucks has arrived). Moisen and Simpkins researched, saved and planned for their shop for six years. 

Black Ring’s signature drink is their Nitro-infused cold-brewed Ethiopian coffee. A blast of nitrogen “makes it smoother” says barista Jordan Galvez. Have something else in mind? Black Ring is “always trying new things,” says Galvan. Their most popular drink is their whiskey vanilla latte – but don’t worry, the alcohol is boiled out! On the wall of the shop is the Black Ring motto: “Be kind, work hard, drink coffee.”

For more information, contact them at info@blackring.coffee

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